“Creation and Destruction feeds from the same breast.” 
– excerpt from unknown ancient text

cropped-godhead_bg.jpgBackground and History

Little is known of the Godhead’s true origin of existence (also named “The Creator of All Planes” and “The Godseed”), but what has been partially deciphered from ancient myths and recently discovered text. Believed the creative and supreme source of everything that exists, one verse cites the Godhead as “housing the knowledge of all that has been and will be; Nothing is above it or greater.”

A primordial event called Kuvunja or “The Shattering”, released a powerful energy called Ase (Ah-shey) giving the Godhead and the newly birthed universe form and a “spiritual” link between each other, but also causing the universe to slowly converge back towards and into the Godhead for the sole purpose of it consuming itself to resurrect into a new form and decide on the eventual fate of its earlier creations to begin again and forge and refine a new universe (See: Siku ya hukumu “The Day of Judgement”). This process, known as Convergence, is not the first occurrence as the Godhead has “died” to be reborn many times throughout time elevating itself and its Ase (See: Ascension) becoming more and more powerful.

Civilizations and worlds have continuously searched to get a glimpse of the Godhead’s power and its granting of privileges known as Universal Ascension Rights (UAR/AR) allowing its possessor to take the “form of the gods” to journey and argue their right for continued existence before the Godhead on Siku ya hukumu (The Day of Judgement).