Ascension “The Great Return”

“As Above, So Below.” – African proverb

bar galaxy-NGC1300The event known as The Ascension, Kurudi or “The Great Return”, as described in ancient texts, was created once the Godhead came into existence. When the Godhead shattered into an infinite number of universes and worlds, it has been slowly converging back toward itself to resurrect into a new form. No one is truly sure of its purpose, but it seems to be needed for the Godhead’s (and our) survival and evolution.

During Ascension through a process known as Convergence, which some scientists believe is linked to the theories of dark matter energy, Asili (spiritual energy) is increased in all things in the known and unknown universes granting access to Universal Ascension Rights (UAR) through the Godhead. Ascension is believed to be a necessary event that must happen in order for the continued existence of all there is because of possessing the same energies within the Godhead itself. If it ceases to exist, so does everything else.

The Ascension brings together a process known as Convergence, which acts as a living tape recorder and record keeper assisting the Godhead in gaining knowledge of itself as well as learning about the Worldspaces it created to further aide in its evolution and continued existence.

There are infinite ascensions occurring, large and small, within the Godhead Ascension (also known as the Ultimate Ascension). A few known major categories are listed below.

Godhead (Ultimate)